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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Republicans Can't Beat Barack Obama in 2012 With Current Choices

Mitt Romney for president?
Talk is heating up about the presidential election in 2012. Republican candidates are starting to emerge. More are rumored to enter the fray. However, based on who we've seen, the Republicans can't beat Barack Obama in 2012.

Right now, Mitt Romney is leading the polls for the right. But voters already decided that he wasn't right in 2008. So, who's next? Donald Trump?

Trump is running a publicity campaign right now and not an election campaign. The Donald knows how to get press. But he's not a Washington guy. He's never served in Congress and would he really walk away or try to run his empire from an iPhone to be president? NOT!

Newt Gingrich has name recognition. He rates lower than George W. Bush.

Mike Huckabee is charming and folksy and not hip enough to win.

Sarah Palin has made herself into an international punchline. Dan Quayle is even saying, "What a dummy."

There's a whole bunch of other people in the hunt, but you and I don't know them.

Barack Obama may be a very weak president. He may have low approval ratings. He may be taking the country in the wrong direction. He may have been born in Kenya. But none of that matters.

Whenever George W. Bush did anything, the media shredded his underwear. Obama's boxer's are still in tack, no matter what he does.

He gave us Cash for Clunkers, which helped more people purchase cars they couldn't afford. He raised the cigarette tax 62¢ a pack (I smoke, so no vote for him). He gave us an unconstitutional health care plan that will never get off the ground. He ignored the War Powers Resolution and used our military to bomb targets in Libya. And the press still loves the guy.

What makes Obama invincible in 2012 are two things. He's IN the White House. Incumbents have an advantage. Plus, Obama is the greatest campaigner that has ever sought the presidency. His campaign team knows how to use media, social media, imagery, feel good talking points, emotional pleas, sheer bullshit, fake numbers and a host of other campaigning skills better than anyone else. Mitt Romney thinks an iPad is for menstruating women.

Mike Huckabee can play his bass guitar on TV but no one cares. Sarah Palin's tweets on Twitter are categorized as humor.

Another thing that will keep the Republicans out of the White House in 2012 is their fractured party. There is the GOP, the religious right, the Tea Party gang, the moderate Republicans, the hard-core conservatives... and no one likes each other.

We live in a soundbite world. If you have to describe the 2008 campaign by Obama with one word, it would be CHANGE. People got that. CHANGE. "Gee, we like that."

Right now, the Republicans may have some very good points about the future of our country and our national fiscal crisis, but it's coming across like a Charlie Sheen tweet, "Duh!" People don't want, Duh.

Obama also has a BILLION dollars to fuel his war machine. The master of campaign marketing will roll out his tanks and obliterate the competition. Ask the Poles about Hitler.

Obama may suck as a president, but he's a great campaigner - in fact, he's never stopped campaigning. When the government was about to shut down, he went to Pennsylvania to make a speech that sounded like it came straight from the stump. He wasn't in DC working to get the parties to agree, he was out flailing rhetoric about bi-partisanship and getting along and acting like adults. Haven't we heard all that before?

Until the right can come up with a candidate that truly captures the hearts and minds of American and then MARKETS him or her properly, the Republicans can't beat Barack Obama in 2012.

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