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Friday, April 1, 2011

My Old Page View Record Blasted By 582% For This Blog

Blogging is all about page views and readers. If it didn't matter whether people showed up and read what I wrote, I might as well be sitting in a chair at home with a bottle of Jack Daniels ranting on a word processor. This past month, I started blogging again after a five month hiatus. With hot topics in the news and lots of posting, my old page view record was blasted by 582% for this blog. Thank you for showing up and coming back.

I had no idea what to expect when I started blogging again on March 7th. The blogging I had done in July, August and September of last year had lukewarm responses. A few articles got a lot of attention, but the rest went into cyberspace obscurity.

Even when I wasn't blogging, a dribble of hits would come to this blog each month.

Traffic has come in from all over the globe. I've had visitors from Russia, Belarus, Trinidad and Tobago, Switzerland, Ireland, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, Finland, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Spain, Canada, Indonesia, Austria, Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia and more. I've also had visitors from just about every state in the U.S. Oddly, the country where I get the most visitors from behind the American visitors is Hungary. Whenever I post something, I almost immediately get hits from Hungary. I'm half Hungarian, so that's kinda fun. 

In basically three weeks in March, I cranked out 45 posts. It was no small feat, since I don't have Internet access where I am staying; I've had to become a wifi whore and get it when I can.

My new "office" is Dunkin Donuts. They have an electrical outlet, which is immensely important - I can work for hours and not worry about a battery dying. I also get free refills on my coffee, so $2 goes a long way. Their chairs are easy on the ass, and I don't walk away half crippled after a long writing session. And I figured out how to beat their Sip, Scratch, Score game and get free donuts, bagels or muffins on every visit. And I can pop outside and catch a smoke when I need a break, and still keep an eye on my white iBook.

Other places I get to connect to the Internet are my sister's house, but she's busy a lot and I only get over there a couple times a week. However, her wifi signal is strong enough to reach the street. I've parked out in front of her house at odd hours in the middle of the night when I just had to get a post out.

Another place I get my wifi fix is the public library. Although, in my neighborhood, the library can be a noisy, raucous place. Plus, once I set up camp at the library, I am locked down. I can't go to the restroom without packing everything up. No beverages allowed. And there can be more noise there from people talking on cell phones or kids playing YouTube videos than at Dunkin Donuts.

The library, however, is a good backup for me. After the library closes, I can park next to the building and steal their wifi signal - I'm so ghetto, ha ha. With an hour and a half to two hours of battery charge, I've sat there in snow storms, rain and single digit temperatures to get just one more blog post out for the day.

Wendy's has wifi, but the signal doesn't work very well and I spend a lot of time watching my frozen computer with that Apple beach ball spinning away. Wendy's signal actually works better in the parking lot, just across from the drive-thru window. So, I've spent a few hours there in my truck.

McDonald's has wifi, but it's a dump. The staff engages in loud fights all the time and their service is lousy. You get sandwiches that look like they were assembled at a Frisbee tournament - closest to the center wins. Plus, the only electrical outlet I could find doesn't work.

My former favorite place, the Arabica Coffee shop was sold and features a large banner in the front window, "Under New Management." I thought I'd check it out. Well, the wonderfully comfortable leather couches and chairs must have belonged to the previous owner. They were gone. Folding chairs that are used outside replaced some of the leather chairs. But the couch - Oh My God. The new couch looked like something you'd find on the curb and it was covered by a ratty looking cloth cover with elastic around the edges - something your senile grandmother would put on her couch. The place didn't even smell like a coffee shop anymore. I walked in, saw that couch, smelled the odd fumes and walked out.

The Lake Shore Coffee Shop, where I started blogging is just too much of a dump. And the metal cane style chairs are unbearable to sit on for more than half an hour.

Through all the jumping around from place to place, the gallons of coffee and the winter weather, I managed to get 45 posts out and most of them got lots of attention and some very favorable comments.

I live to write. Maybe some day all of this writing will pay off. In the meantime, my reward is seeing the page views climb each day and the LOL, LMAO responses people leave on Facebook and in the comments on the blog. Thank you.

So, here we are on April 1st and I haven't even figured out a good joke. I prefer pranks, and there's no one around that I'd feel safe pranking.

Oh, well, I did some research this morning and the blog post is burning in my head to come out. See you on the next post.

Thanks again for helping  push my old page view record past the previous high by 582%.

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