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Monday, April 18, 2011

Liberal Spin On Obama Tax Cuts Is Pure Mathematical Ignorance

Liberal Math In Action
Gag. Gag. Gag. I just read the most ridiculous liberal post I've seen in quite a while. All I can say is, "Liberal spin is pure mathematical ignorance."

I found the article on Politicus USA, a raging liberal soapbox. The title of the article was:

Barack Obama Is Now The Biggest Tax Cutter In American History

Oh really?

Jason Easley's piece sites statistics from the Tax Policy Center and this quote from the Orange County Register:

“For the past two years, a family of four earning the median income has paid less in federal income taxes than at any time since at least 1955, according to the Tax Policy Center. All federal, state and local taxes combined are a lower percentage of per-capita income than at any time since the 1960s, according to the Tax Foundation. The highest income-tax bracket is its lowest since 1992. At 35 percent, it’s well below the 50 percent mark of much of the 1980s and the 70 percent bracket of the 1970s.”
Let's tear this flimsy statement apart.

Over the last two years, we have been in a recession, regardless of what the official determination of a recession is. Americans are still out of work in large numbers. Millions have dropped off the roles of those seeking work, thus artificially deflating the unemployment figures.

Here's my problem with politicians, and especially liberals - THEY DON'T KNOW MATH!!!!!!

If less people are working and have no income, that affects the entire average. Per-capita income should be lower and that would show less money being paid in taxes. Are you with me so far?

If you are unemployed, you are paying little or no taxes. Is that considered a tax cut? According to liberal logic it is.

Those that are lucky enough to have a job have seen their wages cut, benefits slashed and hours reduced. They are making less, so they pay less in taxes. Thank you Mr. Obama for another tax cut.

What really makes me laugh about this loopy liberal is that his article bites back on itself. On one hand he's praising Chairman Obama for his recent tax cut legislation - which by the way was an extension of the Bush tax cuts - NOT original legislation moved forward by this administration.

Then, a few paragraphs later, Easley rails against the tax breaks that the rich are getting. This guy is like a bi-sexual. To quote Dennis Miller, "Bi-sexuals are greedy. It's time to get off the fence and pick a hole."

Not being one to shoot daggers before checking my target, I looked up all the legislation that Obama has passed since he was knighted to the White House. He's done a great job of raising the cost of government and he increased the tax on cigarettes by 62¢ a pack. Cash for Clunkers does not count as a tax cut.

I don't care what side of the political spectrum you come from. All I demand is that objectivity and critical thinking reign over spin and emotional rhetoric. Somebody needs to put a little ice on the Tea Party, too.

I'm glad I don't have cable and the ability to inundate myself with CNN and Fox all day - there's more spin on both of those networks than a Maytag dryer.

During the last presidential election, I learned that liberal spin is pure mathematical ignorance. Conservatives have their own tornado of wacky ideas too. I'm much more relaxed watching Dr. Phil get drug addicted kids to talk to their parents. At least that is solving a REAL problem.

No link was provided to Jason Easley's article because I didn't want to insult your intelligence.

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