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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Was A Sexy Cam-Girl. Don't Be Fooled By The Pitches.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I needed to make some money. Anything would do. I answered an ad about being in the adult industry. No nudity required. Thank God. For a week, I was a sexy cam-girl. Don't be fooled by the pitches.

Yes, for a week, I was in the adult industry. I never made any money, but it makes good copy for a blog post.

My job was to create a seductive screen name on Yahoo, so I could use Yahoo chat. I was taught how to go into various chat rooms on Yahoo and other chat rooms that catered to people looking for sexy chat. My goal was to engage them in a conversation with the hopes of enticing them to go and watch me do nasty things, live on my video camera - hence the name cam-girl.

You might be scratching your head about now and thinking, "But you're a guy. Who the hell would want to watch you do anything on video?"

Based on what fantasy I was able to discern from the horny chatter, I'd go to a screen where there were dozens of girls standing by and hook them up with a girl that looked like his fantasy. After getting credit card info from the "client" I was supposed to click on the cam-girl I had selected and she would be connected with the semi-aroused customer.

Part of the scam was that I had to find a suggestive picture that didn't reveal too much of what I looked like, so I could be anything the customer wanted to fantasize about. I selected a nice looking ass - that way, if the customer was into small breasts or large breasts, I could hook him up with what he wanted. Blonde, brunette, redhead - I had it covered. I could even be a light-skinned black chick.

I can't remember exactly what the customer was charged, but it was a lot per minute. The average bill for a few pulls watching a hot chick on his computer was around $40 to $70. Most customers regretted blowing that much money and didn't return, but there were regulars.

For a week, I surfed all kinds of salacious chat rooms and on Yahoo. I had a few nibblers, but no sales. After putting that much time into it and making nothing, I had to move on to something else.

Regularly on Facebook, I get hit by these young girls. "Hi, what are you up to?" I check their profile and they have 10 friends. So, I know it's a bogus account that was probably created within the last few hours to hustle porn at $40 a minute.

I had one the other day and I point blank asked her, "Let me guess, you want me to see you naked?"


"I'm blind."

"Well how can you type."

"I have a seeing eye dog that reads the chats and he types."

"What? Ok, now you be leg pull."

So this girl doesn't even speak English. Her profile was all backwards English, too.

You have been forewarned. You may be flirting with a 6'1" hairy chested guy that only wants to get you hooked up with some 18 year old waiting on her bed to do nasty stuff for you - and for a big price.

I know because I was a sexy cam-girl. Don't be fooled by the pitches.

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  1. I've been a sexy cam girl for years. I love it but it's a legit pay per minute type of deal and I'm the girl in the pictures and interact directly with people. I don't go slumming for viewers either. The site I work on has hella traffic so I just fire up my cam, sit back, and have fun entertaining people.


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