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Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Start A Blog | Blog Must Include Privacy Policy And Search Engine Indexing

Your blog must have a Privacy Policy to be indexed
Your blog is up and running. Your template looks good. You have several posts. Unfortunately, if you don't follow today's lesson, no one will ever see you. Your blog must include a privacy policy. And how to get indexed by the search engines.

This is the seventh in a series on How To Start A Blog. If you would like to see the other lessons, you can find them under the tab at the top of this blog, Make Money or click here.

Privacy Policy

Getting your posts listed on search engines, especially at the top of page one is every blogger's dream. However, Google enacted a new rule a year or so ago that your blog must have a Privacy Policy or you will not show up. I don't know if Yahoo and Bing have the same requirement. But in the online world, Google is still the king, so we adhere to what the big "G" says and not worry too much about the rest.

You can use the Privacy Policy on this blog. But please read it carefully and change any of the information that is not pertinent to you. I don't want your complaints coming to my email address.

Adding the Privacy Policy to your blog is easy. Start a new post. Enter all the information into the post. Publish. Then, you want to create a link to the Privacy Policy. I used a text gadget at the very bottom of my blog and made a link to the Privacy Policy. It's that simple.

Getting Indexed By Search Engines

When I first got into this game several years ago, I was told that I had to submit my site(s) to the search engines to get indexed. That turned out to be untrue. Google, Yahoo and Bing will automatically index your site, but it may take a few days to a week or two. It could even happen in 24 hours. So, just be patient.

The way to check if your site has been indexed is to go to Google's search box. Enter your URL in quotation marks, like this:  ""

When you use the quotation marks, the search engine will look for that specific item and only that item. If you don't show up, you haven't been indexed. Wait.


If you rush to put Google AdSense ads on your site before you are indexed, you could get yourself banished to wherever the bad people go on the Internet. In other words, kiss that site goodbye.

Now you know that your blog must include a Privacy Policy and how to get indexed by the major search engines.

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