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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How To Get A Marketing Master Mindset

Blog page views go through the roof in seven weeks.
Two of the biggest reasons businesses fail is that they are either under-capitalized or they have a bad marketing plan. A lousy product or service will sink you, too. Let's say your product or service is great. Now, you need to know how to get a marketing master mindset.

I'm not a college educated marketer. I learned everything I know from observing what the people with all the big ad and marketing budgets did, reading books and a lot of common sense. Plus, a good dose of understanding what makes people react emotionally and some street smarts also helped me.

My former wife and I had an advertising agency we ran from our home in Las Vegas called Blazic Design. We started with a handful of clients. Our job was to create ads, commercials, brochures and sales materials for our clients. My wife did the graphic design, I wrote the copy and pitched the ideas.

Our #1 client, though, was Blazic Design. We had to market ourselves. And we did a fabulous job of it. Most people thought we were this huge agency - not just two people working out of a house.

As business grew, we brought in partners to help us perform the services we needed, like web design, illustration, public relations, video production and editing.

I was a master networker. I found the right places to go and shake hands, pass out business cards and make new contacts. We wound up with a marquee list of clients in Las Vegas - not an easy thing to do.

Today, my business is this blog. I use the same principles to promote this blog and it has worked out beyond my wildest dreams.

I started this blog in July of 2010. I made a few posts, but really didn't get writing until August of 2010. I had 233 page views that month. At the end of September, I wound up in a mental hospital for the last week of the month and page views fell slightly. Then, I quit blogging for five months. In February 2011, my page views were 49. I started blogging again on March 7th, a week into the month.

Applying what I knew about marketing on the web, I was able to get page views up to 1,589 for the three weeks I worked. This month, things have gone through the roof. I kept doing what I knew worked. So far this month, I'm just under 13,000 page views for the month. It's a good start.

How did I do it? The same way you can do it with your business - guerrilla marketing tactics that get lots of exposure.

If you have a brick and mortar business, you'll have to come up with creative ideas on your own, but the concept is simple - create a way to get in front of as many people as possible at a low cost. Think hard. It's worth everything you're working for.

Here, I treat this blog like a grocery store. There are certain posts I know I can do and dominate top positions in the search engines. Those are my loss leaders. They're the 2-liter bottles of Coke for 99¢. The posts pull in lots of traffic. Whether you have a blog or a store or a booth at a trade show, you want traffic. I have three or four cornerstone areas that bring me traffic. Around those posts, I write all the stuff that I really want to write. Not saying that I don't like the other topics, but I'm really about sharing ideas and being a humorist. You should either laugh or learn something when you stop here. That is my brand message. It's right at the top of the blog.

Next, I learned a lot from my former boss at Swan Advertising in Las Vegas, Steve Swan. Steve used to tell this story about three retail shops located side-by-side. The store on the right put up a giant sign that said, "HUGE SALE" the store on the left put up a bigger sign that said, "MAJOR DISCOUNTS" and the store in the middle put up a sign that said, "MAIN ENTRANCE". This is out of the box thinking.

Karina Smirnoff pictures were bringing in hoards of visitors. So I wrote another post about her with a strategically designed title: Nude Naked Playboy Pictures Of Karina Smirnoff Cause Search Frenzy On Websites And Blogs.  I noticed that traffic was coming to my blog via searches for "Karina Smirnoff naked" or "Karina Smirnoff nude". The last post has only one picture of Karina Smirnoff, but it has links to the pictures. Now, the pictures post has a list of my humorous articles before the last picture. It's retail marketing -  the more they see, the more you sell.

This whole blog is set up with that philosophy in mind. You can SEE the top posts for the last 30 days, 7 days and all-time. You can SEE the post archives. You can SEE the last five posts. In other words, show your wares. You want to sell products, not keep them a secret.

Another thing I've learned is how to market the way casinos in Las Vegas market. The casinos know that people will be coming in for shows and other attractions at the casino. So, the casino operators put as many slot machines and gaming tables in the way as possible. You can't get to anything without climbing over machines and other ways to lose your money. Restaurants are buried behind walls of slot machines. Plus, there never seems to be a way out, once you get in. No windows - can't tell if it's day or night. No clocks - you're certain to miss bedtime. And they pump extra oxygen into the air to make you feel good. Free drinks help, too.

The Vegas brand should be emulated by anyone that deals with the general public - make the guest feel special. In Vegas, everyone is a VIP - even if you just got off the bus from Des Moines with $50 in your pocket. "Come in, Mr. Duefus. Sit right here. We'll have a large breasted woman over in a second to get your drink order." Vegas knows how to treat their guests. I'd like to see grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants in the rest of the country attempt to adopt the same philosophy.

I use Facebook extensively. I built a large cadre of friends around the world by playing games and helping my fellow game players get what they wanted. In the end, I got more than I expected. Now, I have a large group of people who I can share my blog posts with.

I think every company should have a blog. To me it would be a must in my marketing strategy.

I use Twitter, too. Every post that is shared on Facebook gets shot out on Twitter with appropriate hashtags (using the # sign in front of a word). This month, I finally figured out how to use the hashtags and my Twitter traffic has dramatically increased.

I also recycle older posts. Different people are on Facebook and Twitter at different times, so I will take older posts and shoot them out again. To the reader, this could be my latest. They don't know.

Don't forget word of mouth, either. I've put out a lot of posts in the last seven weeks - a lot. But I've had my stuff reposted on the Huffington Post, Twitter Daily and a number of other sites. Word is getting around. Ironically, there are searches almost daily for me, specifically. Yes, people are searching for "Roger Blazic" - might be the IRS or someone that I owe money to. That's called building name recognition.

If you want to learn how to employ the blog tactics that I use to your Internet blog or enterprise, go through the blog course I've been writing called: How To Start A Blog.

At every turn, you should be dreaming up new ways to expose what you have to potential customers, clients or readers.  

Now you know how to get a marketing master mindset.

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