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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Facebook Protection Of Marriage Page Hacked. Hysterics Ensued.

Louis J. Marinelli
On Saturday, April 23, 2011 a Facebook protection of marriage page was hacked and hysterics ensued. What is interesting is what is going on in the aftermath.

Saturday, I spotted on my Facebook News Feed the One Man, One Woman Fan Page, and there were dozens and dozens of comments. What was causing all the ruckus? The photo for the page had been changed to a picture of the owner of the page with the headline: Everyone Should Be Allowed To Marry. Join me. 

At the time, people were speculating that the page was hacked. Comments were fast and furious.

"I didn't sign up for this."
"You are representing something fraudulent"
"I'm dropping my membership to this page."
"How dare you."
"Calm down. The page was hacked"
"I think this is scam."
"I'll never support gay marriage"
There was a lot of anger and confusion in the comments.

Today, while researching this post, it turns out that the owner of the page, Louis J. Marinelli is actually behind the sudden change of the core message on the page. Today, there is a new photo, too. (Shown above)

I'm not quite sure if Marinelli came out of the closet. But it is very clear that he has chosen to support marriage equal rights.

I don't know how many people defected from the page, but it still has over 282,000 fans. And something very odd is happening on that page.

Visitors to the page who have left posts on the wall are very supportive - and they're not all gay, lesbian or bi. Even the very religious are showing compassion.

This incident's initial reaction shows how virulent the prejudice is to gay, lesbian and bi individuals in our society. Homophobia still reigns. It will probably never go away, just like we will always have racism and violence toward women and children.

None of the above are right or just.

If you would like to join the conversation, you can search Facebook for:
Protection of Marriage: One Man, One Woman or try this link.
Initially, it looked like the Facebook Protection of Marriage page was hacked. Hysterics did ensue. But compassion followed. Maybe that is what we can settle for as progress.

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