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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter, A Time To Reflect on Jesus - Even For Atheists

Jesus, the risen Lord
This Sunday on Easter, Christians all over the world will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Whether Jesus is your Savior or you think the Jesus story is like the Cat In The Hat, you should still take time to reflect about the message the story of Jesus tells - even for atheists.

Jesus of Nazareth lived an austere, gentile life. In the story, He healed the sick, cared for the poor, offered forgiveness to sinners and preached of love for his Father and, most importantly, love for one another.

Loving one another will never go out of style, even though world events often make us feel that hate and anger rule the day. But that simple concept of looking at others, even our enemies, with love and compassion can go a long way to making the world around us a better place.

If people truly loved one another, we would not have racism, gay bashing, pedophilia, violent crime, rape, incest, greed, theft and a number of other social maladies. You can't perpetrate a horrible act against someone you truly love.

So, even if you think that God is a joke and The Bible is propaganda, you can still take something away from the way that Jesus lived. People model their lives off of fictional characters in movies, TV, books and magazines all the time. So, what if you picked Jesus as a role model, even if you don't believe in Him?

I guarantee your life will be better.

Jesus constantly looked beyond Himself. He gained nothing from his acts. He performed them with great humility and grace. Even if I worshiped a golden hamster, I'd still think that Jesus of Nazareth was a pretty cool guy - someone I'd like to be more like.

For two millenniums, the story of Jesus has survived. That has to mean something.

I don't agree with organized religion because all of the churches are man-made concoctions of rules and regulations. I think today, Jesus might be giving the same speech at the Vatican that he gave to the Jewish elders. I wonder if the Pope would have him put to death for heresy?

If you celebrate Easter by going to church and glorifying the risen Lord, great. If you are more inclined to pass out chocolate bunnies and hunt for colored eggs, I guess that works too. If Easter to you is just another Sunday, I won't scourge you. However, I'd encourage everyone on this Easter, Christians, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, etc. to look at Jesus of Nazareth and reflect on the meaning and message of his life and how it can improve your own.

Happy Easter. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins.

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  1. I guess I consider myself an Atheist. But I never claimed your god to be a joke. I never said the bible was propaganda. I have never put down anything in the christian/catholic community... unless I have been attacked for my choice. You can have your opinion- I am certainly allowed to have mine. There is as much to disprove the stories and depictions of the bible as there are to prove them. Is it possible that I can live in a religious society without persecution?

  2. Fish... I would hope you would be able to live without religious persecution. First off, I don't believe anyone has the right to judge another human being on the basis of whether they are or are not going to be "saved".

    Fundamentalist Christians that run around condemning everyone need to SHUT UP.

    On the other hand, every time I go into an Atheist chat room or like today on Twitter, it's one attack after another. Quite an angry lot the Atheists, in my opinion.

    If you slip on one freakin' detail, they will drill it down your throat for the next five hours. I've been through it enough to know the routine. And if you don't agree they call you an ignorant bigot.

    To me, that is just as vile as the Fundamentalist Christians. Don't persecute me for believing in something. I believe in a lot of things, do I have to PROVE WHY in every instance?

    You're safe here, Fish. I let people do their own thing as long as they don't break any glass.

  3. See, that's cool. I'm cool- You're cool. We can agree to disagree- or we can be friendly and not bring it up at all. And that's fine with me, too. Yes- the christians who think they have to save me, who think I am condemned and have to ram it down my throat- I don't like it. But I can hold my own with them. See, I was raised Methodist; baptized and confirmed. Into my adult years I became a church leader; on many boards and also the lay reader and ministry council. I know all about the bible and the christian beliefs. But for the last 6 or more years, let’s just say, I have seen the true light. Also, believe it or not, my 3 kids go to catholic school. The wife was raised catholic and was persistent and it was a fight I was not willing to fight, at that time. I help them with their religion homework all the time. I have heard some of the grumpier atheists on those boards and in person. They can be downright nasty. Please don’t classify me in that group.

    One thing that does bother me is that most believers think of non-believers (atheists, agnostics, etc.) as evil or having no morals. Well, again, that could be true for some- but not me. I abide by the rules of society. I wait in line, I stop at red lights, I hold the doors open for ladies and the elderly, and most importantly, I am raising 3 children to be socially responsible to the community and the world. I do not tell them I am an atheist, but I do not pray with them. I go to their church services sometimes, but I do not genuflect or bow or kneel. And if they ever want to ask- I will tell them the truth; although my wife does not want me to. It is my thinking that they think, “Well, daddy was raised as Methodist and that’s not the same as roman catholic.” I sometimes coach for the CYO and for the local AA. I have become friends with parents of my kids’ friends; they’re nice people. Some are even FB friends- where it does have my religion designated as Atheist. All I am saying is, I am Atheist- but I am not the anti-christ. I don’t believe in ANY higher entity, but that doesn’t make me Hitler, Dahmer, Bundy or… Pilate.

  4. I know plenty of Atheists and they're great people. However, on the web there is this group of Atheistic zealots that love pounding Christians. I think they do it to make themselves feel superior. They hide in special chat rooms or in clusters on Twitter or Facebook. If you stub you toe and say, "Jesus" they're all over you. PROVE IT. PROVE IT. YOU'RE A GULLIBLE IDIOT. The the Atheist's answer to the Westboro Baptist Church. The "God Hates Fags" people.

    All belief systems have their fringe elements - the people that feel they have to bring you over to their side NOW or you will not be able to live, survive or be saved. Neither group should exist, but they do.

    Just keep coming back and read my thoughts. I'm not insane, regardless of what my psychiatrist says.


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