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Monday, April 4, 2011

Dictator Barack Obama Broke The Law By Attacking Libya

President Barack Obama sure is having a good time being president. He attends lavish parties, takes expensive vacations and ignores our laws and Constitution. In his latest gaff, Barack Obama broke the law by attacking Libya - and no one seems to care.

In 1973, the War Powers Resolution was passed with partisan support by Congress. Richard Nixon tried to veto the legislation, but he was overridden by Congress.

The point of the War Powers Resolution was to avoid conflicts like Korea and Vietnam from occurring again. It required that the president seek approval of Congress before engaging in any military action, except for
"a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces."
He is also required to notify Congress within 48 hours of any military action.

Obama, however, acted unilaterally and ordered US missiles fired onto Libyan soil and for US planes to bomb strategic targets in Libya, in accordance with UN Resolution 1973. Obama took his cavalier action one step farther and bombed Libyan tanks and troops in an effort to assist the rebel insurgency.

All of this is illegal.

Dictator Obama is not new to this sort of action. His Health Care Bill forces people to buy insurance, which is unconstitutional. That didn't matter. There were also many improprieties regarding the way the votes were handled in the Senate and the House of Representatives. That's OK... Obama can do no wrong.

The excuse for military action in Libya was to prevent a bloodbath. Well, Middle Eastern and Afghan experts all agree that when US Troops leave Afghanistan the Taliban will march right back in and the results will be a massive bloodbath. Will we go back into Afghanistan if this prediction plays out?

Libya is in a civil war. When the United States had its Civil War, no foreign country sent troops over here to settle us down or depose either leader of the opposing forces.

Yes, Khadaafy has to go. He's nuts. He's claimed that Al-Queda was putting drugs in the coffee in Libya and it was making the rebels crazy. Gahdafi has terrorized his people for over 40 years and that should stop. How can you trust a guy that is the leader of his country and the highest rank he gives himself is COLONEL Ghaaddafy. Why not general or admiral? Maybe he likes alliteration.

In the meantime, we have Dictator Obama smoothly living in his own world, outside the law. Yes, Barack Obama broke the law by attacking Libya. George W. would have never gotten away with something like that.

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