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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Says Goodbye To Wendy Williams

Not even a large television fan base could overcome poor scores from the judges and Dancing With The Starts 2011 said goodbye to Wendy Williams. 

On Wendy Williams television talk show Tuesday, she was still waving the flag and felt confident that she would be able to continue, but fan voting fell short and she had to give up her quest for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

There was some drama as the final three who were not safe from elimination took the stage - Wendy Williams, Kendra Wilkinson and Chris Jericho. Wilkinson was pronounced safe first, then it came down to Williams and Jericho. Williams took the fall.

Jericho looks like he could be the next to leave. His dancing has been promising but stiff. The rest of the cast has some real talent. Week after week, Hines Ward and Petra Nemcova have put in great performances.

Ralph Macchio jumped to the top of the leader board after the first performance show. Although he has still scored well, there are more negative comments coming from the judges and if he does not correct those flaws, he may be exiting sooner than originally expected.

Wendy Williams will be missed for her spirit. I love the energy on her television show. She seems like one of the few people on TV that is genuinely having a good time. Dancing With The Stars won't quite be the same after saying goodbye to Wendy Williams. 

How you doin?

Right now, not so good.

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