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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Karina Smirnoff Poses Nude For Playboy And Makes Waves

DWTS's Karina Smirnoff On The Cover of Playboy
Shocking, and I do mean shocking news was released this past week when Hugh Hefner Tweeted that Dancing With The Stars 2011 dancer Karina Smirnoff would appear nude in the May issue of Playboy - and she's even on the cover. Shocking. Utterly shocking.

Sources at DWTS say Smirnoff could be in real hot water. Posing nude in Playboy may be a breach of her contract. The part that I find worth a chuckle is that ABC is concerned about preserving the "squeaky clean image" of Dancing With The Stars, its cash cow.

Apparently, the older, conservative audience of DWTS may lose their minds if they find out that Karina Smirnoff appeared in a magazine wearing slightly less than she does on the show.

Back up a minute Chuckles... Current contestant Kendra Wilkinson has appeared in Playboy more than once. And she was one of the live-in girlfriends of Hugh Hefner, who has been seen in the audience at DWTS. Hefner said Smirnoff's pictorial was, "Unforgettable."

Yes, the image of the show is very PG or even PG-13, but I wouldn't call it "squeaky clean". Recordings of the dancer's practice sessions are full of bleeped out language as you can tell they're dropping f-bombs and who knows what else.

What is the "squeaky clean image" of Dancing With The Stars? Well, it features hot ass dancers in tiny outfits, plenty of cleavage and some really sexy legs - twirling and wrapping around their partners. I'm sure there are a few Baptist preachers that would blush if they were caught tuning in.
DWTS's Karina Smirnoff

While ABC PR execs have to put out the "company line" to sound like they are protecting the innocence of America, behind closed doors they're probably licking their chops. Karina Smirnoff on the cover of Playboy and dancing sans costume inside is only a pile of publicity for the show.

Think how many people (men) will be tuning in to a "dance" show to catch a further glimpse of Smirnoff. Her appearance in Playboy can only boost the DWTS male demographics and that can't hurt the show.

If viewers didn't boycott the show because of Kendra Wilkinson, they certainly are not going to start abusing their remotes to get away from the vile and disgusting tramp we used to know as Karina.

When you look at the big picture you have to laugh that Dancing With The Stars 2011 dancer Karina Smirnoff posed nude for Playboy and it is creating any waves at all.

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