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Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 | Who Was Fired April 24th?

Celebrity Apprentice says Bye, Bye To Latoya...
Now that Gary Busey's outer space world is gone from Celebrity Apprentice 2011, where will the craziness come from? Take a look in the direction of the women's team and you'll find it there. With the previews showing more carping from the ladies on Celebrity Apprentice, who was fired April 24th?

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 Grand Finale & Winner

May 8th
May 1st
April 24th
April 17th
April 10th
April 3rd
March 28th
March 21st

The task for the week was for each team to come up with a four page ad for Trump Hotel Collection for Saveur Magazine.  They were going to be judged on creativity, originality, brand messaging  and the overall pitch.

Star Jones became the Project Manager for the women, John Rich headed the men.

Jones assigned each of her four women responsibility for a photo on the shoot. Latoya Jackson thought this was a strategy to disperse the blame in the event of a loss for the women.

Bickering ensued between Jones, Jackson and Nene Leakes. After a chat Leakes and Jackson hug and promise to treat each other better.

No one on the women's team seems to agree on the creativity of the shots and there is much confusion.

The men, headed by Rich, had a hard time coming up with a good idea.

In the end, both teams felt their product was good and their presentations went well. However, the judges for the competition felt otherwise. Both teams failed - miserably. Choosing between the worst of two worlds, the men were announced the winners and Jones was asked to bring two people back to the boardroom. Jackson and Leakes would make the trip back to face Donald Trump.

You could feel the tension building on Latoya Jackson as the women tried to explain their choices. Even more pressure fell on Jackson as she was continuously labeled the "weakest link" for the women.

Even though Star Jones was willing to take responsibility for the failure of the project because of her direction, Latoya Jackson heard the fatal, "You're Fired!" and was sent packing.

Now that we know who was fired April 24th on Celebrity Apprentice, who will produce the excitement in future episodes? Jones, Leakes, Lil' Jon? You'll have to tune in next week to Celebrity Apprentice to find out.

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