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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice 2011 | Who Was Fired April 17th?

The many personalities of Gary Busey
After the past several weeks, the momentum has shifted from the men's team to the women's team on Celebrity Apprentice 2011. Gary Busey looked like his days were numbered and everyone couldn't wait to see who was to be fired on April 17th. When the smoke cleared, Busey's multiple personalities couldn't be tolerated by his teammates or Trump and he was fired.

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This week's task on Celebrity Apprentice was put forth by the executives of Omaha Steaks. Each team was assigned the task of creating three meals using Omaha Steaks products and preparing them in a cooking demonstration to be done at The Institute of Culinary Education. They were also commissioned with making up a variety pack of Omaha Steaks products. Teams would be judged on their meals, the variety pack and their interpretation of brand messaging.

Over the last several weeks, Gary Busey has been driving the men insane. His antics have gone from amusing to annoying and everyone wanted to see him go. An easy way to get Busey out of the picture was to make him Project Manager - and that is exactly what the men did.

Busey's spacey remarks to the executives from Omaha Steaks set the tone for this episode. He also erred in judgment when he selected Meatloaf as his chef. Even though he sounds like he came out of an oven, Meatloaf is not a very accomplished cook. Lil' Jon remarked, "I cook a lot and Gary never asked me or John Rich if we cooked. He just made Meatloaf chef and that was that."

Finally coming out of the shadows and becoming Project Manager for the women was Hope Dworaczyk, Playboy's Playmate of The Year for 2010.

Dworaczyk has nearly been invisible on previous episodes. However, when she was shoved to the front, we started to see why. Her leadership skills were weak and Star Jones ran all over her. But she kept control of the team and finished strong on the challenge.

Nene Leakes continued her rants about the inept Latoya Jackson. All of the women made comments about Jackson's "little girl voice" and her "baby talk." Leakes went off when Jackson's hamburger caught fire, "She's trying to pull a Michael Jackson on me."

Back in the men's camp confusion reigned. Busey completely enraged John Rich when he said, "Listen to me, boy."

"Don't you ever call me boy," Rich snapped back.

Both teams did well with their cooking presentations, although, the women only actually cooked one of the three meals during the demonstration. Omaha Steaks executives were critical of Nene Leakes improperly referring to their company as simply "Omaha" and not Omaha Steaks. Meatloaf, on the other hand, impressed the executives with his cooking and they felt he really knew what he was talking about.

Busey handled the speaking part of the men's presentation and it was a bit weird. He looked like he was not going to stop talking and he seemed to wear out the audience by getting them to repeatedly yell out, "Omaha Steaks."

In the boardroom, Donald Trump grilled the men's team first. When Trump asked John Rich about Gary Busey's management style, Rich said, "It was a catastrophic collapse of time management." Lil' Jon later added, "Gary is not always here on earth with us."

Hope Dworaczyk received excellent reviews from her teammates in the boardroom and Trump was impressed. This week, the cat claws stayed retracted and everyone seemed in complete harmony; so much so that Trump even commented about the change.

When it came down to who won, the women, by far, were the winners - giving them two consecutive wins.

After the women left, Busey was asked who should come back to the boardroom with him to be fired. Busey said everyone on his team did great and never singled out two team members as Trump had requested, so they all sat there.

Throughout the questioning of the men's team, from the time they came into the boardroom, Meatloaf was extremely frustrated with Busey's convoluted ways. In the end, Trump said, "Meatloaf, you look visibly upset and I'm about to make you very happy... Gary, you're fired."

Next week's action resumes on Celebrity Apprentice 2011 with 3 men and 5 women. Previews look like the cat claws will be back from the women. But this week it was almost obvious who was going to be fired from Celebrity Apprentice - Gary Busy. I hope he finds a rainbow to ride home. 

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