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Monday, March 28, 2011

Obama To Clarify Attack On Libya Before National Audience

President Obama will address the nation tonight at 7:30 pm EDT to offer clarity following the attack of Libya. And as Ricky Ricardo used to say, "Baracky, you got some splaining to do."

Barack Obama unilaterally ordered cruise missiles fired on to Libyan soil and for U.S. planes to take out key Libyan airstrips and planes on the ground. This action was in support of U.N. Resolution 1973 to protect the civilians of Libya.

Obama committed several blunders along the way. First, he spent a lot of time trying to get an international coalition together and spent zero time consulting leaders in congress, which has rankled many of our legislative leaders.

Another diplomatic mistake the president made was publicly stating that Moamar Khadaafy needs to be removed from power - a regime change. This is very bad.

Knocking Khadaafy from power is basically an act of war.

All the U.S. is supposed to be doing is protecting civilians and enforcing the No-Fly Zone. However, U.S. planes have been bombing Libyan tanks and troops. These are acts of war, also.

Now the White House and the State Department have to backtrack and come up with a good story that all of us can sleep on tonight.

Yes, the underlying goal is to remove Khadaafy, but it cannot be spoken.

Bombing tanks and troops help the rebel's cause. Libyan rebels have recaptured many cities, heading west along the coast. Within days, they can be upon Tripoli, the capital.

Another problem with supporting the rebels is that we really don't know who these guys are. They could be of an ilk that is worse than Khadaafy.

If pressure mounts on Khadaafy, he could just back down and say, "OK, ya got me. Show's over," and go back to business as usual in Libya. Then, where does that leave us?

A big issue that Obama won't be able to skirt around Congress is the cost of this war. Only Congress can authorize the funds for a conflict.

To paraphrase one of the commentators on Sunday night's Washington Week (PBS), "What happened to the guy in the campaign that was so good at building support and selling his ideas? He's struggled with health care and his other programs and now he's caused a lot of commotion with the attack on Libya."
Yes, Baracky will have some splaining to do tonight. I hope the teleprompter works and he can explain why we attacked Libya.

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