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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello Hungary | I'm Half Hungarian

As a blogger, I am as interested in the site statistics as I am the writing. How many people visit the blog? Who's reading and where are they from? I'm fascinated that the second highest amount of traffic to this blog comes from Hungary. It's exciting for me, since I am half Hungarian.

My surname, Blazic, is Slovenian. My father was all Slovenian, which means he was a cheapskate.

My father's father (grandfather) was actually conscripted by the German army via Austria during World War I. Yup, grandpa fought for the bad guys before emigrating to the United States.

My mother was full-blooded Hungarian, but was born in the United States to Hungarian immigrants. She was an incredible artist - working in every medium imaginable. My father always said, "You get your artistic traits from your mother."

Dad viewed Slovenians as peasant people, but Hungarians were handmade by the gods. You could never say a bad word about Hungary or Hungarians to my father. You could trash Slovenia and he'd pay no attention. But Hungary - a bad word - duck.

By a large margin, the traffic to this blog comes from the United States. That may be due to the fact that I promote my posts on Facebook and Twitter. I have over 3,000 friends on Facebook. I just started building my Twitter followers.

The third highest amount of traffic to this site comes from Canada, aye?

Other countries providing reasonable traffic are the UK, Israel, Japan and the Philippines. I've even had visitors from Iran.

Oddly, I haven't had any traffic from countries that don't have Internet access. But that will change.

So, I'd like to say, "Thank you for stopping and reading," to the people of my heritage in Hungary and "welcome" and "come back often" to the rest of the people of the world.

God be with you.

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