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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Guide To Using Phenobarbital To Commit Suicide | Prevention

Visitors to this site come via a myriad of paths. Some are coming from Facebook, others from Google or Yahoo Search. Some are searching for specific terms. One of the most popular searches is for my name: Roger Blazic - and BINGO, they find me.

Today, however, someone came to my site by using the search phrase: guide to using phenobarbital to commit suicide

Whoever you are, I hope you come back.

First off, suicide is permanent. And it's not a good choice.

If you seriously need help, do one of the following immediately:

I've been down the long dark road. All seemed hopeless. Then, I thought, "If I kill myself, there will never be another tomorrow. There will never be another smile. I'll never see the mountains or the ocean again. There will never be another pizza. I'll never see my family or friends again. I'll never be able to have the feeling of helping someone."

What has stopped me the most often from committing suicide was that thought that, "I CANNOT DO THIS TO MY DAUGHTER." She's 10. If you have children, it will destroy their lives and scar them forever.

Even if you don't have a good relationship with your family, deep down they care and will wonder, "Why?"

After a while, I found out that I would lose more than I would gain by ending it all. I hope you do the same. But don't delay. Get help. Call the number above or check out the website. Or call a friend. I've been there and the people on the hotline are great. They really care. You can feel safe calling them or checking out their website. Or try one of the groups listed in the post below.

If you do kill yourself, you'll have no idea how many people will grieve losing you. There are a lot more than you think.

No matter how down you are, find someone, anyone to talk to today. That is a start. It's a step in the right direction.

Bookmark this blog. It's a funny and informative place. I suffer from several mental illnesses and I've been taken 2,300 miles away from my daughter. Ending it all crosses my mind a lot. However, I saw the good I was doing by making people laugh and learn with this blog. It has kept me alive. Stop back. You're always welcome here. You should laugh and learn like the other thousands and thousands of people that have come here.

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  1. So, if you're dying, painfully, slowly, phenobarbitol isn't an option? Idiot.

  2. You can take whatever you want, but you need to read my post "Painless Suicide" first. It's in the sidebar and below the list of posts.

  3. my brother commited suicide useing phenobarbital.I wish he would have seen this first ,but he was a smart man so it is not like he didnt know what he was doing. The only thing I am tryng to find out is if phenobarbital comes in capcule form and if so does it come in red with no marking. or how someone could get ahold of this drug with out a doctor. if anyony can help me please comment back. thank you.

  4. Four years ago I took 6 grams of phenobarbital with 1/2 quart of 80 proof whiskey. I was found quickly enough by emergency personnel that I was able to recover (after 2 days in ICU). I was fortunate, because I was able to see the devestating effect that my action had on those close to me. I had hidden my depression for 56 years because I didn't want my problem to burden everybody else. Although I had contemplated suicide numerous times, I never believed that I would eventually do it. Instead of sharing the burden of my depression with those who loved me, I forced the greater burden of my suicide attempt on them. Suicide is NOT a victimless act, and the people most victimized are those that would gladly have helped with the burden of depression. My profession gave me easy access to the phenobarbital; the access is still there, but the support of loved ones and proper treatment of depression have greatly reduced the peril. Don't blame yourself because you didn't see your brother's suicide coming; intelligence can make one very adept at concealing depression. My loved ones had no clue before I made my attempt.

  5. You talk about how many will hurt if you do this. If they really cared in the first place, they would have seen the path..i am taking. i am so empty..lost...alone...worthless and talking to GOD has been a void also..either he's given up on me..or i am so stupid to not listen any longer. I miss my 5 year old..his mother took him from me. it's like walking on one leg without a crutch...she tore my heart out when she took,life is a waste of time..i've exhausted any hope of wanting to continue. i want to close my eyes and be gone. everything i do is a failure. those who tried to love me..hate me..wish i was gone too. My misery will soon be over. REALIZE life is not for everyone..just those who are loved..have faith in life and a shred of hope. They also say if you're going to do wouldn't be talking about it. Not true..maybe others are in line...who are weak enough to go on. i am strong enough not to hurt any longer..and wanted to express why.

  6. I came to see if both pento and pheno are used to mercy kill a dog suffering from a grave Injury.


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