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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dancing With The Stars 2011 Approaches First Elimination

Karina Smirnoff & Ralph Macchio
Monday night there were no surprises as Dancing With The Stars 2011 approaches its first elimination. Most of the dancers did better a few did worse.

I was glad to see Wendy Williams get praise for her improvement after a poor performance last week. Even with improvement, she's still second from the bottom.

Unknown radio host, Mike Catherwood (aka Psycho Mike), looks like the first casualty. His stodgy style kept him firmly in last place. Plus, no one knows who this guy is. Wendy Williams has a large TV following that can offset her dancing skills for a while, similar to the way Bristol Palin lumbered through last year's competition, all the way to the finals.

Most improved for the week was wrestler Jeff Jericho. In the first week he looked a bit out of place. However, with improved posture and more glide in his step, he gained kudos from the judges and seemed very pleased with his performance.

Ralph Macchio remains atop the leader board, but Hines Ward looks like he won't go down without a fight.

Kirstie Alley continued to defy her physique and gracefully kept herself among the leaders. Alley estimated that she's losing about five pounds a week through the competition. She has a goal to lose 40 pounds from her time on DWTS. She quipped, "I need to make it to the finals to reach my goal." If she keeps dancing the way she has been, the finals will be glad to have her.

Tonight, someone will go home. Although, Florence Henderson from last season keeps popping up in the audience. Maybe they glue former contestants to seats in the audience for future shows. I don't know.

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