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Friday, September 10, 2010

Who Will Win America's Got Talent Season 5 2010?

After thousands auditioned, America's Got Talent is down to the final four. Who will win?

America has to decide between the highly visual and innovative Fighting Gravity, and three very diverse vocalists. Jackie Evancho, a 10-year old opera singer from Pittsburgh wows crowds with her extremely matured voice. Michael Grimm belts out blues and soul from deep within his spirit. And Prince Poppycock never ceases to produce a spectacle with his flamboyant costumes and powerful vocal style.

This is really tough.

Fighting Gravity and Prince Poppycock are shows all by themselves, where Evancho and Grimm are strictly singers.

If you had to use the premise that what we are looking for is a "Vegas" show, the more visual acts like Fighting Gravity and Poppycock would have an edge. Highly visual acts tend to have greater appeal with international tourists, since they overcome language barriers. Although, Celine and Cher headline Vegas and Evancho's vocal skills are as refined as either of them - plus Jackie has the wow factor of being only 10 years old. That would leave Michael Grimm with the highest hill to climb.

Can Fighting Gravity by themselves headline a show? That is a critical question. Blue Man Group has some surreal visual elements, specifically the western segment, in their show, but it is a segment of the show. BMG takes you in a variety of directions. Seeing white hooded men floating over different sets for forty minutes does not sound too appealing and could get downright boring. So far we've seen four 90-second performances by FG. That's five minutes of material. Can you parlay this act into a headline length performance? Unless FG can create an intricate storyline supported with riveting music, I don't see how they can take this show to the top of the marquis.

Prince Poppycock is a one-man Broadway show. He covers a variety of musical genres and has incredible visual appeal. He would need filler acts, like a juggler or tumbler, to allow him to make costume changes and set changes. His range of music and the variety in his stage personas expand his interest level and it would be easy to see his act becoming the length of a headlining show.

Evancho and Grimm would be concerts and either could muster up plenty of arrangements to keep a crowd's attention for upwards of three quarters of an hour.

Tuesday we will see their final offerings and then America will decide.

From the beginning Fighting Gravity has been a favorite. Up until this past week, I'd have put my money on them. However, Evancho's charmed talent and Poppycock's audacious range have them right up there to take the grand prize.

As the judges say, "America always gets it right." And on Wednesday, we'll find out if America prefers poppycock, is committed to fighting gravity, likes it grim or will bank on Evancho.

I can't wait.

Leave your choices below.

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