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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Haven't Been Writiing

I've been taking a rest from writing. I'll get out of the rest area one day.
Writing is a discipline fueled by inspiration. If you have a job writing, you need to write on a regular basis, regardless of how you feel. You have to write. When you blog and you don't have self-imposed deadlines, like I did for a while, you can write or not write. As you can tell, I haven't been writing.

Part of the reason I haven't been writing has been lack of inspiration. I prefer to write funny blog posts and I haven't felt funny. You're either in Yuk-Yuk mode or you're not. I'm in a big NOT right now.

It could be personal issues or the lack of Internet access that is dragging me down. But I needed a rest, and I'm taking one, a relatively long one.

I'll be back, I'm just now sure when.

Thanks for you continued support. I have a book I've been working on that will be a hit with the regular readers. But you'll have to wait for it. I have a few things to work out first before it can be published.

Take care and keep stopping back.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Black and White Photography - Facebook Girls - Vol 5.

This has been a collection I've wanted to do for a while. It features beautiful girls from Facebook - all from my friend's list. Most of the shots were originally done in black and white, but a few I had to go in and alter the colors. I'm sure you'll agree that this collection of Black and White Photography - Facebook Girls - Vol. 5 of my black and white photography collections is worth looking at again and again. Enjoy.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Black and White Photography - Beautiful Women - Vol. 4

Did you see the watch? LOL
I happened to be searching again for black and white photography and found a niche I haven't explored yet, beautiful women. Below is striking black and white photography of beautiful women. This is Vol. 4 of my collections. See how amazing lighting and shadows make some of the most beautiful women in the world look even more inviting. I managed to find really interesting shots, featuring some eroticism, great lighting and some incredible use of shadows.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rules For Getting A Name Tattooed On Your Own Body

I sure hope he's related to Brenda.
Tattoos seem to have peaked as far as public demand. I know a number of tattoo artists who aren't doing as well as they were just two years ago. But new ink is being applied daily, somewhere in the world. One of the most popular tattoos is one that includes the name of a loved one. After seeing some pretty gaudy tattoos that included names in them, I came up with some Rules For Getting a Name Tattooed On Your Own Body.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Painless Suicide Presents A Possible Opportunity

Painless Suicide presents possible opportunity.
This is really important, so I need you to pay close attention and see if you can help me solve some problems. When I got into this blogging thing, I wasn't sure where it would take me. Initially, I wrote for therapy. Then, I tried to make a business out of it. I make a small amount of money from the ad click revenue from my blogs, but not anywhere close to what I need to survive. Something, thought popped up regarding a piece I wrote that has had huge success and I wanted to know how to get to my goal. The piece that has gotten the most attraction and feedback on this blog is on Painless Suicide. And I got to thinking that Painless Suicide presents a possible opportunity. 

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